Magnetic Liner Pen - Lashout
Magnetic Liner Pen - Lashout
Magnetic Liner Pen - Lashout
Magnetic Liner Pen - Lashout
Magnetic Liner Pen - Lashout


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For precise lining

The Magnetic Felt Tip Pen is designed for optimum control. This pen is dual purpose, giving you the perfect pigmented wing while holding your lashes in place all day. Its smooth and innovative formula glides on effortlessly and helps you achieve any look, subtle or bold. It is smudge-proof and quick to dry making the lash application easier than ever!

Key Features:

    • Waterproof & Smudge-proof
    • Weather & Wind-resistant
    • Contains iron particles
    • Precise tip for an error-free application
    • Color: Black, Cocoa or Clear
    • 100% harm free
    • Super-hold

    Application Tips 

    • Shake well before each use. Glide brush tip along the lash line, making an even line as thick as the lash magnets. For optimal results, apply Lashout lashes onto liner once 80% dry.

    How to Remove

    • Use a waterproof makeup remover to remove the Magnetic Felt Tip Eyeliner Pen.


    • Perform patch test prior to application to ensure no allergies to this product. In case of eye contact, wash out the eye thoroughly with clean water. If irritation or redness persists, seek medical attention. Keep out of reach of children. Only use as directed. If you have a pre-existing eye condition consult a physician before use.
  • How do I remove & clean my lashes?
  • Pull off the false eyelash away from your eyelid. Don’t worry; your Lashout will be removed without pulling or causing any damage your natural eyelashes :) 

    If you notice clumps from the eyeliner or mascara on the magnets, gently scratch it off with your nail on each of the magnets. To clean the liner off your eyelid, use waterproof makeup remover, micellar water, or coconut oil.

  • What’s in the eyeliner? Is it safe and cruelty-free?
  • The Lashout Eyeliner ingredients are all commonly found in makeup and skincare products & are cruelty-free. The added ingredient that makes the eyeliner work is iron oxide. 

    However, for the health and safety of our customers, we do not recommend any eye products to anyone with pre-existing eye conditions.

    *We strongly suggest that you try our products on a small patch of skin (other than the intended location) to test for any allergic reactions first.

  • What is the life expectancy of the eyeliner and eyelashes?
  • If you care for the eyelashes properly, they can last over 35+ times. Ensure you clean the magnets on the lash after every use and magnetize it back into the lash tray after every use! 

    Avoid too much water contact with the lashes as they could slightly lose their shape and curl. The lifespan of the eyeliner is four months after opening.

  • Can I wear mascara with my Lashout magnetic lashes?
  • Yes, you can apply mascara, but we don’t recommend putting mascara directly on the false lashes. It will distort the shape and form of the lash and also shorten the lifespan of the lash.

  • How can I make sure that the Lashout lashes fit my shape of eye?
  • We offer different lash styles with varying thickness and length. There are five small magnets on each of them capable of being cut down to fit any eye shape and size. Make sure no raw edges are at the edge of the lash after cutting.

  • How do I make my magnetic lashes stick to the eyeliner better?
  • Apply an even coat of eyeliner, the same thickness as the magnets, and make sure it’s 100% dry before magnetizing lashes for optimal hold! If you’re reusing lashes, you may have remnants of mascara or eyeliner stuck onto the tiny magnets. If you notice this, you can scratch it off with your nail or use a makeup remover on a q-tip or a makeup wipe to gently wipe it off.

  • What are the Lashes made of?
  • Our magnetic lashes are made from high-quality synthetic fibers.

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